Not a mud. A zone editor. Written by Slash. Portions © DIKU, Merc Industries, EnvyMud, Rivers of MUD, Builder5 of CAW, Borland, and Microsoft.

Some MZF features came from discussions on the Merc mailing list. (To subscribe to the list, send email to and include the following line: subscribe merc-l.) and the Area Builder's forum (Send email to Rainman at

Portions of this WWW site were taken from the AREA.TXT file that ships with EnvyMud, and the "Curious Area Workshops" manual. To obtain this manual, see the following note:
The Curious Area Workshops provides publicly available dikuMUD areas over the web. ( We are always open to suggestions, bug reports, and criticisms. Email us or contact us at VieMUD.
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Madman, Mort, and Tynian on The Final Challenge.
Steven of Troll mud.
Rainman and Simba of Barren Realms and recently of AnonyMUD.
Farside MUD for providing space on their FTP server for MZF and MZF source.

The following was written by Theodore Sturgeon, and forms the philosophic basis for MZF:
I am by no means content with my own performance... which is why I am so eager to go back and back again. I know was able to convey... some of the things which are important to me, and I know that I failed totally to make contact on others. There is the matter of what one critic once called my "love affair with the English language." To describe this at all is to restate the fact that a writer is the strangest of all lovers; for having installed writing as his mistress, he will then do his best to share her with other men. I have been to see the painter who kept me standing on his icy doorstep while we talked because he was mixing a certain flesh-tone he had developed, and would not let me watch--I who know nothing about painting or paints. I have known sculptors who kept special tools and cements under lock and key--not to protect against theft, but to conceal their very existence, hence "How do you do that? How do you get that effect?" gets a knowing look and an armed silence. But I have never met a writer who was not willing to share his innermost technical secrets and discoveries. There is probably no single answer to this (there is, you know, no single answer to anything) but I suspect that the main reason lies in the fascinating concept feedback.

(If you want to track down the book the essay came from, it's Clarion III, ©1973 by Robin Scott Wilson. Signet books, no ISBN.)

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