Numismatic Chronicle

The Numismatic Chronicle is still published once a year by the Royal Numismatic Society.

Until someone organizes the tables of contents for these early issues online, I recommend searching for individual authors using The American Numismatic Society library catalog.

The 1922 and earlier volumes are public domain (in the United States). The following volumes are available from the Internet Archive. The Internet Archive books are not searchable online, but the downloaded PDF files include searchable text.

The following volumes can be read on line via Google Print. Google may restrict access in countries with differing copyright law, see below for a work-around and tips. Note that many Google volumes lack plates. Google's web site allows the contents of each book to be searched, but downloaded PDFs are not searchable.

Google Book Search blocks most volumes for non-US web users

In many countries copyright extends 70 years past the death of the author. Each article in Numismatic Chronicle has a different author, but Google doesn't have per-article copyright control, nor does it know when each author died. For this reason, most Numismatic Chronicle volumes are unreadable outside the U.S.

You may access this site via 'proxyguy' to appear to Google as a US web user. However, doing so may cause you to violate local laws. To ensure compliance with your countries' copyright law, please consult Wikipedia's list of countries' copyright durations to find the length of copyright in your country. Look up the death year of the authors whose works you desire in Clain-Stefanelli's Numismatic Bibliography. For example, if you live in Australia it is legal for you to read the works of George Hill (died 1948), but not if you live in Ireland.


See PLATES for low-res images of the plates from the 1897, 1902, 1905, 1907, 1909, and 1913 volumes. These are all from the Million Book Project. Google's scans are often missing plates, but I haven't yet attempted to organize the remaining ones.
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