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The Omani were a people who dwelt (according to Pliny) on the banks of the Tigris at Forat, between Petra and Charax. In Pliny’s time Forat was subject to the king of Characene (Plin. H. N. vi. 28, ed. Detlefsen, vol. i. p. 261).

Head of king in tiara (suzerain of the Omani ?).
[Longpérier in R. N., 1863, p. 333 f.]
ΒΑ(σιλενς) ΒΑCΙΛ(εον) ΜЄΡЄΔΑΤ(αες) ΟΜΑΝΟΦ(ος). Head of Tyche. Date A.S. 454 = A. D. 142/143.
Æ or potin. Size 1.15.