Plate 32

Illustrative Coins (2-10 not in Brit. Mus.)

1. "A remarkable autonomous coin of Cyrene struck under Ptolemy's rule ... lately acquired by the British Museum." [p. xx]

2. ?

3. "... a remarkable tetradrachm of the usual types of the Third and Fourth Coinages, in the Demetrio Collection." [p. xxi, lxxii]

4. Undated signed by Κ [p. xxv]

5. ?

6. ?

7. ?

8. "The short reign of Philometor in Phoenicia ... is comemorated by ... the silver tetradrachm represented in the Biblioth�que Nationale at Paris..." [p. lxv, lxvi]

9. "The coin referred to, first published by Mr. Reichardt in the Numismatic Chronicle (N. S., iv. 189), appears to show an actual assocation of Eupator with Philometor on the throne." [p. lxvii] (Sear 7907 — Ptol. VII Neos Philopator)

10. ?