This page isn't being updated because I'm not developing MZF any more.

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MZF 0.97a notes
Download (www) -- (450k)
Take a peek at ROM 2.4 mode

Bugs in MZF 0.97a-b2

So you want the MZF source code...

A version of 32 bit MZF which supports EnvyMUD 2.0 is available. You have to get the regular MZF32.ZIP and then this file to use it. The file is MZFE2-32.ZIP and is 277,237 bytes. Click here-www.

MZF16-95b is 439,012 bytes. Click here-www.

MZF32-95b is 389,834 bytes. Click here-www

This version is for Windows 95/98/NT (NT works with 3.5x or 4.0 Intel-only)

This version was zipped with WinZip '95 which is why you see a long file name in the .zip.

Rainman has reported a minor bug in MZF 0.94c where 'P' resets get ignored by the renumber command. So if you have a zone in which objects get reset inside other objects, you will need to edit by hand the vnums after you renumber.

MZF fill fail with a GPF fault if an object is reset onto a mobile with an illegal wield-position. (This would happen if you were loading a zone for a MUD with extra wield positions.) Thanks Rainman for pointing this out.


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