Installing gIDE

gIDE is GNOME's answer to KDevelop. It isn't as far along. There is no stable version or website, just source in GNOME CVS.

I decided to install gIDE and I had many beginner's problems getting the configuration right, especially with Bonobo. I had to bug the developers on #devel-apps on and many times. I decided to document the procedure in case I need to do it again.

These instructions were tested on a Redhat 7.0 and a 7.1 machine, both running GNOME 1.4 and maintained by Ximian's amazing Red Carpet using gIDE version around August 2001.

gIDE and the related programs will install into the /usr/local tree. If you don't like that use --prefix=path for the scripts. Using /usr for the path could save some steps, but is not recommened for everyone.

(First, there are two GNOME 1.4 packages you might be receiving via Red Carpet. Check for these two packages)
rpm -q xml-i18n-tools
rpm -q bonobo-conf
(If you DON'T have these packages, go into Red Carpet, subscribed channels, Ximian GNOME Desktop, and get them.)

(Next get gIDE and the packages it depends on. No password is required to log in to GNOME CVS.)
$ export CVSROOT=''
$ cvs login
$ cvs -z3 checkout gdl gnome-build gnome-debug gIDE

$ cd gdl
$ sh
# make install
(If you get "You need Bonobo 1.0.7 or higher to build GDL", then you didn't install the Ximian bonobo-devel RPM, see above. If you get "macro `AM_PROG_XML_I' not found in library" then you probably didn't install the xml-i18n-tools RPM.)

(Making gdl produces a bunch of files in /usr/local/lib related to libgdl. We have to tell the system so that future configure calls to gnome-config can find the library.)
$ export ACLOCAL_FLAGS='-I /usr/local/share/aclocal'
$ export GNOME_LIBCONFIG_PATH=/usr/local/lib

$ cd ../gnome-build
$ sh
# make install
(at this point gIDE's would succeed, but make wouldn't because gnome-debug is still needed.)
$ cd ../gnome-debug
$ sh
# make install

$ cd ../gIDE
$ sh
# make install
(Unless GNOME OAF has already been configured to run bonobo components out of /usr/local you will need to run the following so that bonobo can find the gIDE components.)
export GNOME_PATH=/usr:/usr/local
export OAF_INFO_PATH=/usr/local/share/oaf:/usr/share/oaf
OK, that's it, you can now run "gide"!
$ gide
(If that worked, go back and edit .bash_profile or .bashrc and make the GNOME_PATH and OAF_INFO_PATH stuff permanent.)
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