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Adamant Media is one of the largest numismatic publishers. Adamant's 100+ numismatic titles are sold exclusively through the web site. The company doesn't devote itself to numismatic titles: they claim to offer over 60,000 'replica paperback' titles, adding 100 new titles daily!

By reprinting works in the public domain, Adamant doesn't waste time negotiating copyright clearance from authors' estates. Books in the Russian State Library and Russian National Library are scanned cheaply in Russia, and Russian artists design the new cover art. Books are printed on demand, reducing inventory costs to zero.

A book listed as shipping in two weeks is that rarest of editions: no copies exist! Anyone ordering the title is likely to receive the the very first copy printed. The first order triggers the scanning process; books that have been scanned offer sample pages on the web site. Such books will be printed five minutes after the order is received.

NOTE: These books probably aren't printed at the original size. This means the coin pictures shrink. For example, a 25mm tetradrachm in Hunterian is reproduced at 15mm. The Elibron titles I own measure 8¼"x5½". If anyone receives titles which are not that size let me know and I'll note it here. It is possible that titles for which the original is small (e.g. Mionnet) would be enlarged in reprint.

Note: In many cases I wasn't familiar with the book and I used the ANS Library Catalog to categorize the works. However, any mistakes are my own.

Note: Elibron sometimes changes the prices.








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